Danville BJ-30 Banjo 30 Bracket, 5 String

Danville BJ-30 Banjo 30 Bracket, 5 String

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The Danville BJ-30 Closed-back 30 Bracket Banjo is a solid choice for beginning banjo players looking for a quality, closed-back instrument that spanks the pants off the budget open-back options everyone seems to offer in this price point. Open-back banjos sound hollow and dated compared to the bright, articulate and LOUD tone of a closed-back that everybody associates with a "true" bluegrass banjo sound. These Danville banjos are equipped with Remo heads, mahogany closed-back, and sealed gear tuners. 30 brackets is an unusual upgrade for this price, meaning more consistent tuning across the head and a snappy sound that you don't get with an 18-bracket.

For an entry-level 5 string banjo, these are a great deal.


  • 30 bracket
  • down pressure tailpiece
  • ebony capped bridge
  • real mother of pearl inlays
  • geared 5th peg
  • nickel silver frets
  • select mahogany neck and back
  • resonator is fully trimmed