Eureka Music Center offers lessons for guitar, percussion, voice, brass, woodwind, stringed instruments, piano and more for all ages.

Our instructors are professional, experienced and college educated with degrees in music so we know we can help you get started or take your playing to the next level.

We conduct private lessons Monday through Saturday and can accommodate your busy schedule.

Call 636-587-3838 or stop by to get more information or to set up your first lesson.



Eureka Music has in-store music lessons available in accordance with St. Louis County rules pertaining to the Covid pandemic. These rules require us to take special precautions to insure the safety of our students and staff.

In order for Eureka Music to be in compliance with the county ordinance, the following procedures must be maintained by students and customers while in the store at all times.

  1. We must limit the number of people in the store so we are asking that parents/guardians wait in their vehicle while the student is taking a lesson. If a parent must accompany a student, only one parent or guardian may wait in the store for the student. No other relatives, siblings, etc. are allowed.
  2. We ask that students and parents maintain social distancing while in the store. The rule is to keep a minimum of 6 feet apart where possible.
  3. We ask that anyone, student or parent, entering the store wear a mask to comply with social distancing guidelines. This is not a requirement but it is appreciated.
  4. Food and drink are prohibited in the store until further notice.
  5. We must sanitize all surfaces and instruments that are touched in the store so we ask students and parents refrain from touching products in the store unless you plan to make a purchase. If a purchase is to be made, please ask for assistance before touching products in the store.
  6. The instructor will be behind a barrier for your protection and theirs so we ask that students do not go around the barrier during a lesson.
  7. If your student is sick or is showing signs of not feeling well, please stay home and call us to cancel the lesson.

For those concerned about the risk of exposure, we do offer private music lessons via video conferencing with your instructor. Eureka Music instructors are set up with the necessary technology to make this happen. For you, all you need is a cell phone, tablet or computer with internet access and the free app from Google, Duo or the app Zoom.

Providing us with your email address will also be helpful so we can send any lesson materials to your student that may be needed for the lessons.

If you wish to begin or continue lessons via Google Duo or Zoom, please call us at 636-587-3838 and we will provide you with a lesson time that works for your schedule and the instructor’s as well. Or if you have any questions relating to using video conferencing or other platforms available, please contact us for more information.

Example of a lesson via video conferencing...