Renting a Musical Instrument for Back-to-School

School supplies are a big part of the preparation for the coming school year and for parents of students in a music program, their list includes either a band or orchestra instrument and the necessary accessories.

For parents who do not have any musical training or background, the task can seem daunting. However, armed with some basic information, you can get what you need and take one more task off your to-do list.

If your student is in grade school, especially the local Rockwood district, you may need to rent an orchestra instrument like a violin, viola, cello or even a double bass. These instruments come in different sizes to accommodate students of various sizes.

While there is a general rule of thumb according to age and grade to determine the proper instrument size, the best practice is to have your student measured and fit for the right sized instrument. This is a very quick process – a minute or less – and can be done on a walk-in basis at Eureka Music.

If the student will need an orchestra instrument less than full size, the common practice is to rent an instrument for a low monthly fee instead of purchasing the instrument. The reason not to buy is the student will eventually outgrow the instrument which would require the purchase of another instrument at the new size.

Purchasing instruments every time the student has a growth spurt can be costly. With renting the instrument, you can bring the smaller one back for the next size up – usually with no difference in monthly rental fees or additional costs.

Another benefit of renting is the instrument is it is maintained by Eureka Music so if a string breaks, or the bow needs re-hairing, the store covers the cost of the maintenance for a worry-free rental. Plus the rental is on a month-to-month basis so you can bring it back anytime and the rental agreement ends with no additional money owed.

For a full size orchestra instrument or a band instrument, you have a couple more options. These instruments can be purchased since there won’t be a need to get another size. However, the cost of the instrument sometimes makes an outright purchase difficult on a household budget. To help with this, Eureka Music offers rent-to-own options for full size instruments to make the instrument purchase affordable and easy over time.

For a low monthly payment, you get the benefit of using the instrument now, when you need it, while you are paying it off over time. Plus, the maintenance is covered by Eureka Music while the instrument is being paid off. And if you need to cancel the purchase agreement before it’s completed, you can bring the instrument back and owe nothing else. So it’s just like renting the instrument instead of being locked into a lengthy contract for purchase.

In terms of accessories, most band directors and music teachers provide a list of needed accessories for students in their program. Often these are available in handouts, on the teacher’s webpage or emailed to the parents before school begins. This information is shared with Eureka Music too so we can stock the preferred supplies which makes the shopping experience easy for parents.

Some students need a little more help than what they can get in the classroom for learning how to play their instrument. Likewise, to get to play the instrument they want, a student may have to try out for the part. That’s where private music lessons can help. Even with just a month’s worth of one-on-one instruction, a student can be better equipped to qualify to play the instrument of their choice or get comfortable playing the one they are assigned. Eureka Music offers lessons for many of the instruments in band and orchestra to help students gain confidence and proficiency.

For students already in a music program and who need to make sure their instrument is ready for back to school, Eureka Music offers repair services to make sure your instrument is in tip top shape for the coming school year.

Eureka Music Center – located at 149 Eureka Towne Center Drive in Eureka, MO - has been offering rental, repair and other related products for area music students and schools for over 20 years.

We are happy to help you in any way with the process of finding the best instrument that suits your budget, to make sure your instrument is ready to play, and to provide private music instruction if needed.

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact by calling 636-587-3838