August Events at Eureka Music

It is a busy summer at Eureka Music. Lots of free events coming soon....

August 11 at 1:30 pm -This is a free orchestra class for students from 3rd to 6th grade. You don't need an instrument for this class. You can use one of ours. The first 30 minutes of the class will be for BEGINNING strings students or those who want to try an instrument they have not played before. The second 30 minutes of the class will be for students who are more advanced so the music will be more challenging. Beginners will be excused at this point.

August 13 at 1:00 pm - Free Guitar Class for Beginners. Learn the basics of getting started playing guitar with this FREE class.

August 27 at 1 pm - Jam Session. All the songs we play are arranged so even beginners can play along. We will provide chord sheets for everyone who attends.

You can sign up for these events and get more information at our events page. Feel free to call or message us for more information as well. Hope to see you there!